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Figment Daily Themes

Some of you may not know, but since January 2012, Figment has been holding an event called “Daily Themes”.  You sign up for the email list and every weekday, they send you a writing prompt.

If you upload your responses to your Figment account and tag at least 10 of them (before March 30th) with DailyThemes, you get a special badge on your profile and a chance to be featured on the Figment homepage!

I know… it’s a little late for most of you now.  But you can still try to crank out 10 responses to the writing prompts in the remaining two days if you really want that badge!  (Sign up here)

If you’d still like to try your hand at the prompts even after the event is over, I’ll be uploading all of them in a PDF and it will be available here on my blog soon!

I think writing a little each day – especially to someone else’s prompt – is a nice challenge that develops your skills and makes you try writing about new subjects you otherwise might never have thought about or dared to try.

Here’s a link to my first Daily Themes response, for the January 9th prompt:

Keep your peepers peeled for three month’s worth of daily prompts heading your way in a few days!

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