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NaNoWriMo and RP-turned-novel

Hey everyone!  It’s the second day of NaNoWriMo and I haven’t written a thing.  Well, that’s not technically true.  I wrote a little before November.  But I haven’t written anything since NaNo began.  I admit I’m having trouble coming up with the plot for Lady Academy. Phooey.

On another note, I’ve been given permission to write a story based on a role-play I found on the internet!  Yay!  I’m SOOOO super-duper excited about this.  It’s kind of a dystopian-type of story, which I’ve never written before so it should be interesting.  It should also be really interesting to write because the RP has kind of been left to die.  So, I can pretty much just take the beginning that’s been written (tweak it to make it mine, of course) and run with it.

Here’s the story the creator gave us to work with:
Imagine the world a better place – no wars, fights, bullying, or hate. No trash on the ground, no dying animals or humans dying.  Yes, Nobody dies. Everyone is perfect in this world. Tall, thin, blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone walks, talks, and looks the same. You think this world is perfect? Well, it’s not as great as it seems. People are getting tired of being the same. This perfect world better get ready for some change; the characters you create will go against everyone being perfect.
Here’s a sneak peek: the character profile I created. (Because I just couldn’t turn the story into a novel without a character of my own in it!)

(The picture isn’t mine. I found it on Photobucket, cropped it, and added the text.)
Name: December “Dezzie” LaBlanc

Appearance: Tall, slender, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes – well, one blue eye. Her left eye is green. (Before the “perfection”, she had brown hair and green eyes.) In public, she wears the standard-issue school uniform: grey skirt, black shoes, white blouse. At home, she wears whatever she feels like and her parents don’t mind.

Bio: December is 18 years old and the oldest of 2 children. As a child, she was mute, but after being “perfected”, she gained a voice. She is fiercely independent (not a good team player at all). She does get along with others, but enjoys being alone. Almost everyone likes her because she is nice to everyone – even the people she doesn’t like – but she has very few friends. She is usually deep in thought and likes to spend every spare moment either reading or playing her piano. She often wonders whether the “perfecting” is right but doesn’t really remember the way things were before.

History & Family: She had a baby brother, but he died before “the perfection” began. Her mother owns a cake shop. Her father is a scientist. In fact, he was approached by the people who planned “the perfecting” and was made one of the head scientists who spearheaded the research for the project. He had gotten into a car accident years before and was paralyzed from the waist down. As a test, he was the first to be “perfected”. The experiment was successful and he regained the use of his legs. During this early period of testing, there was a glitch in system and December’s “perfection” failed to alter her appearance completely. That is why her left eye is green. Further attempts to “perfect” her all failed and nobody could figure out why.

I think I’m going to switch my NaNo novel from Lady Academy to Perfectly Not.  But I’m not sure about that right now.  I really won’t be able to do as much NaNoing as I want this year because of school and music, but I want to at least do a little something – even if it’s something as small as plotting out one of these novels.  Plotting is the first step to writing a book, after all.  Neither one will go anywhere if I don’t figure out the plot!

That’s all for now!  If you’re doing NaNo, leave a comment and tell me your plan for meeting your word count goal and what inspired your story.


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